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Currently Crushing On: “Fabulous Brown Girls” by Veronica Marche

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Veronica Marche

While I only buy a few gifts during the holiday season, I really enjoy sending cards out to the special folks in my life who’ve inspired me throughout the year. Every season I face the same challenge while searching for the “perfect” card.  Where’s the fly girl?! I’m always amazed at the limited options featuring fabulous brown girls but it looks like things are changing and TJ Maxx is leading the charge.

Veronica Marche’s annual collection of illustrated Christmas cards, featuring women of color as fashion characters, will now be available for sale at T.J. MaxxMarshall’s and Home Goods stores nationwide. Miller’s Fabulous Brown Girls! holiday cards feature style savvy brown girls celebrating the season — whether by decorating a tree, delivering presents, or toasting with a holiday martini. If you want to go all out and snag the gift or wine bag to match, Veronica’s got you covered there, too.

As an illustrator and designer based in Philadelphia, PA, Veronica offers illustration, fashion portfolio and logo development for her growing roster of clients. To learn more about this talented woman’s work click here!


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