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Coping During Quarantine: The Black Woman-Owned Survival Guide

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Hawa Hassan, Founder of Basbaas Sauce

I know, I know. It’s been a while, right? Between celebrating She Did That.’s Netflix premiere in February and then life coming at us fast with this COVID-19 crisis, I quite honestly didn’t have the time or mental energy to spare. But now that my head is out of the fog a bit, I’m back and ready to serve. And what better way to return than with a powerful list of resources to help us cope during quarantine?

There are so many dope, Black women-owned brands to help us through this mind-boggling experience. Is insomnia getting the best of you these days? Are you finally ready to transform your space into the zen-filled home you love? And what about your hair and nails? Many of us are suffering since we’re unable to visit our stylists and nail techs like we used to. Well don’t fret, sis. I’ve curated a list of brands, all created by US, to help you make it through these quarantined times. Take a look, support a Black woman-owned business, and know that challenging times don’t last always.


As our country faces an increasing number of COVID-19 cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is advising us to wear masks each and every time we step outside our homes. This certainly wasn’t one of the looks I was ready to serve in 2020 but if we’re going to do it, why not do it in style? 

Emijaa Jaaemil Co.

Studio 189

Candid Art Accessories


Hand-washing and sanitizing is a far more powerful weapon against germs than many of us realize. You can’t necessarily control what you touch. You can’t control who else touched it. But you can take precautions to protect your own hands with these brands that are committed to keeping us safe and sanitized: 

Purhome Lavendar Castile Soap

Selfe Steam Nola Hand Sanitizer Gel

Sister Scientist Aloe Vera Hand Cleansing Gel


Creating a home that inspires a sense of sanctuary has always been a priority for me, but these days, the idea has never felt more relevant as we spend more time indoors. Whatever your budget is, these brands have just the right elements to make your house a cozy home. And if you’re missing those weekend brunches and want to recreate the experience for your family, we’ve got the perfect kit for you.

Love Notes Candles

Modish Decor Pillows

Brunchnista Virtual Brunch Kit

Scent & Fire Candle Co.: “Shelter & Chill”

The Spice Suite: “Food is Fashion” Dinner Plates


Are you indulging in your favorite beverages more than usual these days to sooth your mind and relieve some stress? We wake up and reach for coffee or tea, jump on a couple Zoom calls and before we know it, it’s wine o’clock. Ready to celebrate the end of another quarantine day? There’s a bottle for that with your name written all over it. Here are a few Black women-owned brands serving up the beverages you’ll be craving during quarantine season and beyond:

Adjourn Teahouse

Boss Blend Coffee

Stuyvesant Champagne

Uncle Nearest Whiskey

Domain Curry Wine


Quarantine cooking has taken on a life of its own. Nearly overnight, we started cooking almost exclusively for ourselves, whether we were qualified for the job or not. I can’t wait to (safely) sit in a restaurant and order my favorite meal with loved ones but until then, I’ll be checking out these offerings to create satisfying, nourishing meals at home:

Dash of Dacy Seasonings

Jubilee: Recipes From Two Centuries of African American Cooking

Capital City Mambo Sauce

Basbaas Hot Sauce


With the overwhelming news cycle we’re consuming 24/7 these days, it’s important, now more than ever, that we feed our minds with positivity, inspiration, and a healthy dose of escapism. Here are a few books (and a documentary!) to help you through this season of uncertainty:

Vibrate Higher Daily

Tips & Tricks to Make Your House a Home (e-book)

It’s Not All Downhill From Here

Big Idea Food

She Did That. Documentary


Here are a few products to take care of your nails, hair, and skin at home—because if there was ever a time to be kind to yourself, it’s now.

Lauren Napier Beauty Cleansing Wipes

EVE MILAN Moisturizing  & Repairing Masks

Hyper Clear Brightening Vitamin C Serum

Girl + Hair: Curl Cloud Super Hydrating Pimento and Castor Oil Hair Mask

The TEN: Self-Care Box Set

The Editorial Nail: Press-on Nail Kit


Instead of spending time and energy worrying about the uncertainties of the world, why not channel that energy into what we can control — our vibes. It’s easier said than done, but with these products and services designed with us in mind, we’re one step closer to a restful night’s sleep, stronger immunity, and the peace of mind we deserve:

Brown Girl Jane: Drift Away SLEEP Tincture

HealHaus Virtual Yoga & Meditation

Breathe by OMNoire: Virtual Retreat (5.9.20)

Anser Women’s Multi-Vitamin


On any given day, my quarantine looks can range from sexy loungewear to colorful sweats, but the commonality is that each piece offers the comfort I need to flow from the sofa, to my desk, to the kitchen with ease. For the days you need to look extra cute for that Zoom call, we’ve got the perfect, silky wrap blouse for you. Oh, and just because we’re not getting our hair done doesn’t mean we can’t rock a lovely head wrap to keep things fly. Check out a few designers that are helping us stay quarantine cute while supporting a Black woman-owned business:

Prayers and Plans Loungewear

Suakoko Betty Fatima Duster

Pink Tropical Hoodie by Mikaela Pabon

By Kalu Head Wrapistry

Zaime NY

Fann Djanm Headwraps

If you know of any amazing women out there creating products or services we need to make it through quarantine season and beyond, leave a comment with their details below. Stay safe and sheltered in place, beauties!





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