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As if making funky music we could groove to wasn’t enough, Jack Davey,  lead singer of one of the flyest groups ever, J’Davey, is preparing to launch a new line of clothing this summer!

“I mean I always just had a strong sense of what I want to wear on the stage, so I just had this vision of lace pants. That’s pretty much where it started, and with the feather pieces—something a little hippie but still punk, because I think those styles are almost the same. That came to mind first, and then we brought in the earrings and the T-shirt, and a lot of tie-dye. It will keep evolving, but this is just a good start I think.” -Miss Davey for Fader Magazine

The one and only Kwesi Abbensetts did a photo shoot for the line recently at an undisclosed location. He shared a couple pics on his Facebook page. I’m sharing it with you!

Check it out:

T-Shirt by Fever Couture

Photo Credits: Kwesi Abbensetts

We can’t wait to see the line and hopefully profile this beautiful creator as one of our Fall 2010 Fly Female Entrepreneurs! Stay tuned…

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