Call the Shots!

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As we speak, you are writing the script to your life..

These powerful words were spoken to me by my loving mentor recently. Hitting my mind, soul and heart like a ton of bricks, I fought myself holding back the tears that attempted to fall. As simple and basic as this statement might sound, her words shook every inch of me. Life not only has a way of making you face your fears but will give you direction through people in your life at the right moment in time.

Many of us, including myself, have had the mentality of just being content as a rider on the train of life and not the conductor. We jump on board, find a comfortable seat and oftentimes stay stagnant while we watch the scenery of our life slowly pass us by. We become comfortable to the precious gift we were given, which is life. We victimize ourselves by rationalizing our complacency by saying “well, these are the cards I was dealt” or giving a list of excuses of why we can’t realize our dream. The first step is jumping on the train but that is only half the battle. We usually start the journey to the dreams but will stop without crossing the finish line.

We all have the power to unlock unlimited possibilities in our lives. Each one of us must continuously tap into our inner strength and take control of where our life is headed. You are the conductor to your life. Playing helpless in situations that are hindering your growth will not only begin to diminish your dream but slowly kill your spirit. It’s time to take control of YOUR life. No more making excuses, no more saying one day and no more letting fear paralyze your movement! It’s time to call the shots and step out on faith.

I’ve taken her advice and am watching my life open up into infinite possibilities. I’m tapping into my dreams!

Miracles & Blessings,

Ellisa Oyewo

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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