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You are one and a half steps from hitting rock bottom. For some reason the only highlights of your days are laced with negative thoughts. Everything that seemed to have zest and life before is slowly turning dry and losing its power. You may even begin to question your past life choices and begin to stress about future decisions. The key is not to get stuck in the rut but catapult yourself back to life.

Following are three helpful tips for building up your strength and bouncing back:

Positivity Stand Up!- It’s interesting how one negative remark has the power of hitting you like a bag of bricks. On other hand, you can receive a million compliments and they are often lost in the wind somewhere. It’s time for you to tell your positive thoughts to stand up! If we marinated on all the encouraging remarks and compliments in our lives as much as we did the negativity, we would have a lifetime supply of peace of mind!

The Power of Change– When we’re in a rut, we often feel like we’re stuck in a room without doors. This feeling is as if we are literally suffocating. The only way to stop this feeling is the power of doing. You stress more when you are just sitting in your situations. Once you begin to make moves to leave your current state you will be empowered by the momentum you build.

Immerse Yourself– Hitting rock bottom is often caused by losing track of your goals or plans for your life. Whatever changes you want to make, begin to immerse yourself in them. Allow this to be the driving point that motivates you to keep pushing. Once you’re focused on the main goal of your life, other aspects will simply begin to fall in place!

Even though rock bottom isn’t the best place to be, sometimes being there is the only way where you can begin to see your inner strength. It’s not necessarily a bad place because it allows your mind to refocus and regroup on what is truly important in your life. It allows you to put things in perspective and gives you a place to start building yourself back up on a stronger foundation.

Here’s to a lifestyle of resilience!

Miracles & Blessings,

Ellisa Oyewo

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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