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Top 5 Tips for Heat Defiant Beauty

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By In Her Shoes Guest Blogger: Jessica Williams

Okay, okay, let’s face it. No matter where you are in the country, chances are it’s burning up outside. Thanks to the humidity, you’re sweating profusely the moment you walk out the door so as far as your makeup goes, it’s a wrap.

Despite these unbearable elements that are beyond our control, there’s hope. What is so great about hot weather is you have flexibilitiy, especially pertaining to makeup and gorgeous skin. There are so many options to choose from, even for the minimalist who prefers to wear little or nothing. Just in time for the Fourth of July holiday, I have taken the liberty of sharing my top five tips that will have you ladies looking “haute” during these hot months:

1. Drink Plenty of Water. One would suspect this tip is a given yet you would be amazed of the number of people who do not drink water.  Our bodies are made up of it and we need to replace what we lose on a daily basis. It hydrates as well as pushes out toxins. It is also responsible for naturally glowing skin. Beautiful skin requires you to wear less makeup and allows your skin to breathe. The basic rule for proper water intake is dividing your weight by two. Your answer is what you should drink on a daily basis. For instance, if you weigh 120 lbs, your body requires a minimum 60 oz. of water per day.

2. Exfoliate. Sloughing off those dead skin cells reveals smooth, polished skin. It evens out the skin tone and gets rid of those rough, dark spots on your elbows, knees, and ankles. There are a tons of products out there; salt scrubs, sugar based body polishes, and skin peels. Since most scrubs contain natural ingredients, you can create your own. It’s as simple as running to your local health food store and purchasing a few bottles of essential oils and sea salts. Essential oils are also lighter in weight, so you could use less moisturizer during the day and not have to worry about that sticky feeling afterwards.

3. USE SUNSCREEN. I remember hearing many times that because African Americans have more melanin in their skin, they are less likely to burn and get skin cancer. That is not the case. In fact, we are just as susceptible as any other ethic group.  The chances of developing skin cancer, such as melanoma are great among us simply because of this assumption.  If you plan to be in the sun for an extended period of time, use a sunscreen with an SPF30 or higher to avoid sun damage. The number represents the amount of minutes the sunscreen is protecting your skin during sun exposure. In other words, a sunscreen containing SPF30 translates to a sun protection factor of 300 minutes.

4. Less is more when applying makeup. There is no way around makeup melting in hot weather. To alleviate this from happening, use less of it. A tinted moisturizer is ideal for someone who prefers wearing a foundation in the summer. The coverage is light and most tinted moisturizers contain an SPF. If your favorite product does not have a sunscreen, apply one beforehand. Also, use a concealer only in areas that are needed and powder just your t-tone to minimize shine. Personally, I like a little shine to the skin, so it is totally fine if you skip using a powder.

5. Transparent color is fresh and pretty! Sheer hues on the eyes, cheeks, and lips are my ultimate favorites! Corals, bright pinks, and turquoise are beautiful on glowing skin. A wash of cheek color allows the skin to be seen through the makeup—it’s simple, chic, and can be worn day or night. Keep the eye makeup simple, using no more than two colors. One color on the lid with a few coats of mascara is a modern look that you can rock with whatever you decide to wear. Finish off your makeup with a sheer lip gloss and you’re good to go!

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