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7 Podcasts You Need in Your Arsenal ASAP

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One of the things I absolutely love about podcasts is how convenient and accessible they are. They make every topic you can imagine, from deep and thought-provoking to super humorous,  available in an easy-to-consume way. Commuting to a meeting in the city and want to catch up on current events? Listen to a podcast. Going to the gym and need to kick off your morning with a bit of inspiration? Listen to a podcast. Need some advice on how to go from working an unfulfilling job to truly doing what you love? Listen to a podcast.

So which ones should you absolutely, without a doubt, be tuning into? I rounded up seven of the top #blackgirlmagic podcasts out there so you can make sure you’re listening to the best of the best:

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“My Taught You” | By: Myleik Tele

I am an entrepreneur and currently on my second business ( I share my insights, things I’ve learned along the way in hopes of teaching you the things I had to learn the hard way!

Sakita Holley

“Hashtags & Stilettos” | By: Sakita Holley

Obsessed with how people live, work, play, travel and indulge. Lover of hashtags, stilettos, nail polish and hustling forward. Hashtags + Stilettos is my personal PR perspective on the latest brand moves, conversations with influencers and architects of tomorrow and scouting reports on the products and places that matter.

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“Dreams in Drive” | By: Rana Campbell

#dreamsindrive is a community for creatives who are tired of being STUCK! Who are tired of dreaming but not executing…who need help taking their dreams out of park and into drive. We provide motivation, encouragement, and actionable tips as you ride toward success.

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“Beyond the Business Suit” | By: Kailei Carr

Kailei’s podcast uncovers the “secret weapons of successful women.” Topics discussed range from elevating your brand, finding your true calling, and everything in between.

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“Mattieologie” | By: Mattie James

The podcast is a daily podcast where I – Mattie James, a style blogger based in Atlanta – share my experiences on blogging, branding + business in the blogosphere by answering your questions. After blogging for the last five years & working with the likes of H&M, Cotton, Club Monaco, American Express, Macy’s & more, the purpose of this podcast is to help others prevent some mistakes by learning from mine.

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“Am I Allowed to Like Anything?” | By: Darian Symoné Arvin

Nowadays, kinda feels like our critiques don’t hold true worth unless we act skeptical before we act open minded. As if we live in this culture where it’s never cool to be like, “Hey, I like this, I enjoy this. Let me tell you why.” Publicly. So, I created a space where I can hop on record with a friend for about 30 minutes to talk about things we legitimately like, and why…join us!

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“Another Round” | By: Heben Nigatu & Tracy Clayton

Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton cover everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy show. The ladies describe their podcast as a “basically happy hour with friends you haven’t met yet”.

If there are some podcasts that you think I should be checking out immediately, please share them below!


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