Welcome to In Her Shoes where as the title indicates, you’ll have the opportunity to step into the shoes of some of the most driven, talented, inspiring and let’s not forget, flyest female entrepreneurs on the planet. The shoes we’re rocking here will undoubtedly range from Louboutin to Converse, and everything in between, but no matter the style, you’ll always walk away inspired!

Creator and Editor-In-Chief of In Her Shoes: Renae Bluitt

Photo Credit: Alzo Slade

Conceptualized by Renae Bluitt, founder of Crush Media, In Her Shoes was created to empower, enlighten and uplift women committed to realizing their dreams. As a self-proclaimed product junkie, Renae leverages her passion for all things beauty to service PR and social media clients both in and outside of the hair care industry.

I’ve always been intrigued by other women’s stories: their “a-ha” moments, successes, struggles, and most importantly, what inspires them to fight the good fight when times get tough. I hope that by bringing all of these amazing ladies together in one space I will inspire other women (and men) who are ready to take the leap and keep those who are already up-and-running motivated!

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