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Clutched & Covered

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OK, I have a little confession. I am the proud owner of an abnormally large collection of clutch bags.  There, I said it! From plaid to printed and neon bright solids, what’s not to love about a bag that’s large enough to fit your essentials but small enough to remain discreet? While I’d love to keep growing and growing this collection, I know it’s not practical. Enter Rocquelle Porch, creator and designer of Clutched & Covered, a super stylish line of hand made clutch covers. It’s like a bag for your bag, and allows you to continue rocking your favorite clutch but with a fresh, new exterior.

I just received my very own Clutched & Covered creation and wanted to share a bit of the magic with you. They’re JUST what I needed to curb my obsession without depriving myself of the options and variety I always crave. Get into a few of my favs:


Clutched 3

Clutch 2




























































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